Architecture Fringe 2023

virtual / material

03 Jun—18 June (14 dates)

Edinburgh & The Lothians Event Exhibition Installation

Event Summary

virtual / material is an exhibit of print images and sculpture presenting work as art and images as imperative in seeing complex relationships.

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Tues - Sun, 10am- 2pm. Or, by appointment.


03 Jun—18 June


Sierra Metro 13-15 Ferry Road Leith EH6 4AD
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Sierra Metro




virtual / material

explores ways of seeing flows, systems, and work using various artforms and mediums.

virtual / material assembles household objects and found items, to relate and reflect people, process, and technology as discrete references and interdependent sociotechnical systems in an ecology.

the multimodal presentation offers a view that is both fractal and full scale.

focusing on






the weaving together of textural elements and materials provides a foundation to describe relationships, disciplines, and difference across space.

showing the work as art is guidance, practice, map, and model of a way through from now to next in multiple contexts.

the exhibit is scaled to various contemplation frames to socialize the physical, virtual, and beautiful in logic, theory, imagination, and art as deliberate practice.

the mediums of organic collage, text, paper and print, plastic and the internet, reflect the materials, tools, and references of the artist's operating system.

virtual material by Ijeoma is presented as a practice of living, as such. an expression of conversations, structure, and flow applied in service of beauty, integrity, and care in work and play.

part of the Sierra Metro Associate Programme.

Sub Events

Closing reception
Exhibit closing reception and de-installation
18 June 2023, 10 AM - 2PM 1400 (Sierra Metro)

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Exhibition talk
exhibition talk about the themes, materials, and practice
10 June 2023, 1PM - 2PM (Sierra Metro and online)

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