Architecture Fringe 2021

Concrete Walks by Design

08 Jun—18 June (8 dates)

Edinburgh & The Lothians Event

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Concrete Designs to Thrive: join us as we map the latest of our Material Journeys with a Concrete Walk by Design in Edinburgh

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08 Jun—18 June

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Journeys in Design


Concrete Walks by Design

Journeys in Design

Concrete Designs to Thrive - welcome to the latest of our Journeys in Design, asking how places and spaces help us live well and prosper. As part of Architecture Fringe 2021, we 'meet and map' our new programme with a Concrete Walk by Design in Edinburgh.

From the minute to the monumental, concrete is the basis for a huge array of design interventions, the structural warp to a cultural weft of people, places and activities. Please join us online as we introduce key themes at eight stops on this introductory stroll, meeting users, producers, and passers-by on a route through Scotland's capital.


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