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Architecture Fringe 2021

(un)Learning Overwork

05 June

Greater Glasgow & Clyde Discussion Event Film Screening

Event Summary

UVW SAW invites you to a short film screening and collaborative workshop where we discuss methods workers can use to change the exploitative nature of architectural work.

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4pm - 7pm BST


05 June


Graphical House 53 King Street Glasgow G1 5RA
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(un)Learning Overwork


Overwork is an affliction of architectural work. The cost of winning a project, meeting a deadline, and 'business as usual' is all too often the unpaid labour of architectural workers: untaken lunch breaks, coming in early and leaving late, working through weekends. Routinely under-resourced projects produce stress, anxiety and burn-out, creating a mental health crisis in our sector.

Join us as we discuss ways to collectively empower one other to re-shape the architectural profession from within. We will be hosting a film screening, collaborative workshop and Q&A session where we share stories of overwork and develop practical ways to address these issues through collective organising.

This event is for all those working in the architecture industry, and will be a safe space free from bosses. Join us to re-build the profession together!

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