Architecture Fringe 2023

Making Home: Glasgow’s Housing in Film & the Fight to ‘Save the Wyndford’

16 June

Greater Glasgow & Clyde Discussion Event Film Screening

Event Summary

This film screening event explores home-making in Glasgow’s urban history and present, and hosts a discussion on housing demolition and restoration with the Wyndford Resident's Union actively fighting to ‘Save the Wyndford’

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6:30 - 8pm


16 June


9-11 West Graham St Glasgow, G4 9LE, Scotland Barnes Lecture Theatre, Barnes Building Glasgow School of Art
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Please Register on Eventbrite to let us know Access Needs The Barnes Building is a building of Glasgow School of Art.


Kelly Rappleye, Innes Dunlop & the Wyndford Resident's Union


Making Home: Glasgow's Housing in Film
Glasgow’s housing history is Glasgow's present. Tired calls for urban regeneration through large-scale demolition have become ecologically and socially indefensible. Political and social accountability is continuously displaced onto the built environment, and the underlying causes of poverty and social exclusion remain unaddressed.

Join us for a selection of films that invite you to think beyond the structures of housing, towards the people, practices, and relationships that make home. They help us to see home-making as community care—(R)Evolution! as restoration, refurbishment, and collective attention to what is already around us.

Screening Programme:
Anne-Marie Copestake’s artists’ film A Love (2019) gives a tender portrait of everyday life and temporary community building in the Laurieston and New Gorbals area. Archival films from the National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive reveal the grassroots, community-led initiatives in mid-1970s Glasgow that began to fight for urban care of their Victorian tenement homes. Lastly, we hear from the Wyndford estate residents actively fighting to save their homes in Innes Dunlop’s short documentary Save the Wyndford (2023), which shines a light on the financial incentives behind demolition.

Following the film screening, a discussion will reflect on demolition and restoration in Glasgow’s active housing struggles with Innes Dunlop (GSA architecture) and the Wyndford Resident's Union fighting to ‘Save the Wyndford’ and their homes from demolition, moderated by Prof. Johnny Rodgers from GSA’s Mackintosh School of Architecture.

This event is Free but Ticketed, Please Register on Eventbrite!

Contributors & Organisers:
Curator/ Film Programmer:
Kelly Rappleye (Curator, PhD Researcher GSA, School of Fine Art)

Co-Organiser/ Facilitator:
Innes Dunlop (Architecture Student/ Filmmaker, GSA, Mackintosh School of Architecture)

Wyndford Residents Union, National Library of Scotland’s Moving Image Archive, LUX Scotland, Anne-Marie Copestake, Prof. Johnny Rodger (GSA, Mackintosh School of Architecture)

This screening event will introduce themes and context for the upcoming ArchitectureFringe 2023 exhibition 'Rethinking the Architect: Glasgow’s Housing & the Fight to ‘Save the Wyndford’.

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